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AVER MAVEN is a business development and strategic communication company providing services that inspire new ideas, empower business growth for higher returns and create a niche for private organizations, individuals and governmental institutions.
If you want your business/company to be a strong market player, then give us a call and we will make sure that you have higher returns on your investment and achieve your business objectives in real time. As trusted business development and strategic communication experts, we are always dedicated to providing you the best service options.  




Is to be guided and inspired by our resolve to be the number one solution engineers to corporate and individuals in Africa and beyond.


Our objectives are to be the solution hub and business incubation centre for businesses across Africa by 2025, in order for the continent to compete and be rated among the first-five world’s top economic hub


Is to identify problems, challenges, gabs, needs and opportunities of others and provide cutting-edge solutions for measureable results

Why Trust Us?

We affirm with confidence our committed to providing quality, cost effective and innovative solutions that propel consistent competitive advantage for our client’s brands. We provide customized solutions from start to finish allowing our clients the luxury of time to focus on other aspects of their business that is not our expertise. To us, client satisfaction and excellent relationship is crucial to our success, therefore we take special pride in our work culture of delivering on our promise by paying attention to detail and meeting deadlines.

We have been in the industry for over six (6) years and we always make sure that our clients are satisfied with the results that we provide. For years, we have worked with clients from varied backgrounds providing array of strategies and solutions aligned to their objectives with modifications to suit current trends in their various industries. As MAVEN’s (experts), we always treat your need as if it was ours. 

One of the reasons most people do not involve professionals in their line of business is because of the issue of trust. They either heard or had experiences of how business ideas were “stolen” by some unprofessional service providers hence they will protect that which is theirs by doing it their own way rather than engage others. At Aver Maven, our non-disclosure agreement gives our clients protection and the assurance deserved. 



Understanding the unique nature of work engagement helps in planning better for a project success. Therefore after the first contact with the client usually a telephone call or email, we schedule a meeting to better understand the unique situation and scope of work. In-depth analysis is carried out, followed by our step by step roadmap suitable for the particular work. 

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